5 ways Actus Performance Management Software supports hybrid working

We recently researched the usage patterns of Actus performance management software clients during lockdown. It was so interesting to see an increase in logins per user, even during lockdown one when many people would have been on furlough. When we explored this further, we soon found out why. Our software was being used more frequently because it provided structure and visibility for managers and employees alike. It was connecting them virtually even though they were working remotely. This increased usage has continued during successive lockdowns and we believe that our performance management software supports hybrid working just as effectively. Here are 5 ways that clients have used Actus to successfully manage their remote workers.

Successful Hybrid Working

5 ways Actus supports hybrid working

1. Clear goals

When we work in a hybrid or remote environment it is easy for people to get disconnected. Clients used Actus regularly to set and agree on short-term objectives and milestones keeping everybody aligned.

2. Regular 1 to 1’s or check-ins

It is important to have regular 1 to 1’s to keep everyone on track, particularly when we are not in the same physical place. This is another great way in which performance management software supports hybrid working for people.

3. Recognition and feedback

Recognition, using our virtual feedback tool is a great way to keep morale up, even when people are not together.

4. Development

There has been a boom in online learning over the past 12 months and the release of our fully integrated learning management platform helps people to pick up relevant skills. It also aligns that development to personal and business goals. The launch of our Actus Academy e-learning courses directly aimed at managing in a hybrid workplace have also been really popular.

5. Reporting dashboards

We couldn’t have timed the release of our fabulous new reporting dashboards better. All the management data is visible on one page and it provides the ability to build your own graphical dashboards. It has revolutionised the visibility of performance throughout each business. Do get in touch if you would like to take a look at these new features, they are a thing of beauty!

Virtual Management Training

So those are just 5 ways that Actus performance management software supports hybrid working or remote working. Of course, it isn’t the software that delivers results, it is the people that use it. We found that many managers felt exposed and unsure about how to manage people who were working remotely. So we developed and have run hundreds of sessions on virtual people and performance management over the past 12 months receiving outstanding feedback. We run the training zoom through four highly interactive modules. We offer a complete solution with our aligned e-learning modules. In fact, that is really what we are all about at Actus. Our complete performance, talent, and learning solution makes hybrid management easier. Actus gives you all the data in one place and expert change management support to boot.

To find out more about our virtual manager training or software do get in touch using the button below. Download our e-book on remote management here.

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