You're in good company…
 The support team have been doing a wonderful job in customising the platform to our needs so we feel confident in making Actus our #1 appraisal tool. Indeed, Noorjjy is a STAR!

Ernest Honya, President of ACCPA


“The implementation of Actus was completely seamless with a fantastic level of support in the early stages when we needed it most and the ongoing engagement meetings are really valuable, helping us to get the most out of the system and add functionality at our pace.” Even now if we need any help the support is quick and effective.”

Chris Harvey, Organisational Development & Learning Manager

Oxford City Council

Quality performance management systems and processes are at the heart of any high performing organisation. I knew that we had to get a good performance and talent management system in place and quickly.

Paul Moraviec, CEO ConvaTec


Actus Software are experts in embedding culture change. They took the time to personally understand the business and work in partnership with us to deliver results – wherever in the Scorpio world it takes them!

Paul Hayes, HR Director

Scorpio Shipping Group

We went through a thorough evaluation process when selecting an online performance appraisal tool. Actus stood out for it’s simplicity and ease of use, we knew that users would find it really intuitive. We really wanted a system that would help us to embed better quality conversations all year-round and we feel we have found that with Actus. We are still gaining really good traction and colleagues like its simplicity and clear interface.

Rick Bond , HR Manager

University Campus Suffolk

Great company to work with. Actus is a very user-friendly system.

It is so easy to use that even employees who do not use technology in their daily roles can use it. They can use it anywhere that has internet access.

Dashboards make it easy to see where you and your team are in terms of progress Easy to read reports Lots of add-on’s available I implemented this system with my previous employer and used it for a couple of years before moving onto my current role and implemented it with my current employer within 6 months of arriving. I love the fact it constantly develops and the technical team find smarter ways of doing things. It will never get out of date with legislation or look like an old system as the development team are first class. If you want to work with a company who value their customers, give personal service, can provide training and have a system that does everything it says on the tin then work with Actus.

Claire Harrowing, HR Manager

Life Academies Trust

We brought in the Actus appraisal system to engage and motivate staff and get them to make development and reflection something that they are doing on a continuous basis so to get more out of it. Hopefully, this will be the case when it has been fully embedded in the Trust. Feedback from staff around appraisals also found that they wanted the process to be easier and more user-friendly and Actus certainly is this.

Chris Rusz – Projects Officer

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Great overall experience – the team are excellent and a brilliant support throughout the project.

It is easy to use and developed to be specific to our organisations needs. Its overall functions – reviews/1;1’s/Feedback/recognition – all in one place and linked. That it is web-based so our staff can access it outside of their work environment if appropriate.

Nicola Bell – Assistant Director of OD and Education

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals Trust

This system is feature rich, providing a full suite of performance management tools from objectives to 121 to development to appraisal. It also provides Learning & Development, talent management, recognition and feedback functionality which is getting lots of buy-in from end users. It is mobile friendly so can be used on the move which increases staff buy-in. So far we have found it highly versatile and great value and would very much recommend both the software and the service provided by the support team.

Steve Graham – Interim HR Director

South East Coast Ambulance

Many employees now see the benefits of Actus as a working document. The support we have had from Actus through the upgrade to a new version has been invaluable. The online guidance manuals and videos are helpful in most situations, but having easy access to telephone support is much appreciated.

Jan Chapman – HR Advisor

Fläkt Woods Ltd

The Customer Service is excellent, working with our company to develop our bespoke online appraisal system. Actus provide training, support and guidance with the assurances of an ongoing relationship to further develop the system in future. The absence and holiday recording module is now implemented and a section for recording development is perfect to keep track of training and to record CPD. All systems are very user friendly and reporting options are great. Technical support is second to non and the training delivery staff listen and understand the requirements of the company to allow them to bespoke training sessions to suit our needs.

Emma Charlton – Head of HR

Newcastle United Football Club

Simple process to set up, helpful friendly support staff

Actus is extremely simple to use, cost-efficient and it has helped us role out a collaborative, transparent 121 and appraisal process which benefits both the direct reports and the line managers. Additionally, Actus is continually improving the product and ask for feedback.

Gail Duthrie – HR & Administration

Roland Group

Advance Change support staff have been wonderful, very prompt and patient.

We like how all the components (1:1, competencies, objectives, development etc) funnel into the mid-year & final reviews. It saves significant time. Capturing the content of the 1:1, empowering staff to help set the agenda and the automatic reminders about annual mandatory testing are all valuable features.

Sharon Flood – Director of HR

RANA Respiratory Care Group

Actus has allowed us to modernise our performance appraisal process and educate our managers in how to manage performance consistently across the Trust.  The training and guidance provided by the Actus team have been very positively received and we continue to work closely and in partnership.

Kevin Croft – Executive Director of HR & Transformation

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals Trust

We are a small organisation working in the not for profit sector. We have had a fantastic experience in working with Actus. The introduction to the product and the support was excellent. The product itself is easy to use and ‘light’, having worked with other systems that felt cumbersome, this was a delight.

Linda Wallace – Chief Executive

CDS Cooperatives

We found the system really easy to use and knew that even staff who could not confidently use a computer would be able to cope with it.

Claire Harrowing – HR Manager

Millbrook Proving Ground

Actus ticked all our boxes, as well as a few we didn’t know we had until we saw what the system could do.

Susan Laycock – HR Director

Incommunities Group Ltd