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The on-demand learning platform for remote people managers

We are proud to offer the brand-new Actus Academy on-demand learning platform to support remote people managers who have found their role has changed beyond all recognition. Our recent survey showed that 93% of respondents felt that remote management is slightly or completely different from face-to-face management and, unsurprisingly none of them had received specific training in how to deal with this new challenge. With remote working a reality for the foreseeable future, it has never been more important to ensure that every manager has the skills and confidence to get the best out of their team.

Actus Academy is an on-demand learning platform with a library of e-learning and interactive video content that is highly relevant to remote people management. It also offers a host of other management resources in the form of interactive videos, infographics, templates and white papers.

The beauty is that there is no long-term tie-in, you simply sign up to the Actus Academy to gain unlimited access to all the resources for six months – more than enough time to access and embed the learning without being tied to a rolling subscription. You simply sign up and gain immediate, unlimited access for six months with no automatic rollover unless you choose to renew for a further period to retain access.

All training is written and delivered by our experienced trainers and suitable for all managers with additional resources added regularly. The platform offers the opportunity for relevant, on-demand learning that can fit around a busy work schedule.

Content includes:

  • E-learning modules on a range of remote management topics including setting objectives, delivering feedback and managing underperformance
  • Interactive video learning modules on topics that include: wellbeing, homeworking and preparing for a remote appraisal
  • A host of infographics, white papers and downloadable templates


Pricing per user for full access to the Actus Academy including all the course content for six months is just £99 excluding VAT. You can sign up and gain immediate access via the button below:

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To enquire about bulk purchase discounts for 10 or more licences, or to enquire about purchasing the content to sit on your own LMS, please get in touch via the button below:

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If you are looking for more structured learning, why not sign up for one of our virtual training programmes? Find out more here.

To find out more about how Actus Academy can provide the skills toolkit for your organisation, get in touch with the Actus Team today.

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Actus Academy Content Details:

Key communication skills and self-awareness for remote managers

  • Understand what effective remote communication is and what the benefits are
  • Explore the behaviours and skills involved when communicating remotely
  • Develop an awareness of your own communication style
  • Understand how to develop flexibility of communication style to improve relationships and key results

Setting SMARTER objectives remotely

  • Understand why clear objectives are particularly important in a remote environment
  • Learn how to make your objectives SMARTER to support you when working remotely
  • Recognise and overcome common issues when writing SMARTER objectives
  • Build confidence and competence around the development of quality objectives

Effective 1 to 1's & appraisals in a remote world

  • Understand how to deliver quality remote appraisals or 1 to 1’s
  • Learn how to adjust your management style when managing performance remotely
  • Appreciate the vital importance of regular, effective 1 to 1’s when managing remote staff
  • Feel more confident in your ability to evaluate the performance of remote staff in an abnormal year

Delivering feedback for positive outcomes 

  • Understand the importance of good feedback when managing remote workers
  • Be familiar with different types and levels of feedback
  • Be aware of pitfalls to avoid when delivering feedback
  • Feel able to adapt your style to make feedback more effective
  • Understand how to prepare for and follow up after feedback

Managing underperformance remotely

  • What underperformance is and the potential consequences
  • Potential causes of underperformance, particularly when working remotely
  • The role of the line manager
  • The importance of ‘grasping the nettle’
  • How to communicate expectations clearly

Interactive videos and resources

We also offer a growing library of interactive video learning that bridges the gap between e-learning and video. Launch topics include:

  • Homeworking
  • Effective remote appraisals
  • Applying the balanced scorecard
  • Planning and prioritising
  • Wellbeing
  • Why SMART objectives go wrong
  • Managing underperformance

Other great quality resources that are available on the platform include infographics, white papers and templates on a variety of subjects such as talent management.

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