Business Benefits of Actus Performance Management Software

We understand how important it is to be able to demonstrate the benefits of performance management software to your internal stakeholders by highlighting the relevant areas for return on investment. You can see a few examples below, however, if you would like support in building a specific business case for your organisation please do get in touch and one of our consultants will be happy to help. You will also find helpful articles in our Resources section.


Motivate & Inspire Performance

  • Increases clarity, alignment and focus on expectations
  • Embeds a year-round approach to people management, development and feedback
  • Provides enhanced visibility and access to development and career aspirations
  • Increases accountability through greater involvement


Reduce risk & increase compliance

  • Supports GDPR and SMCR requirements
  • Increases ability to meet Audit/IIP or CQC requirements
  • Provides an audit trail of performance conversations
  • Increases visibility of qualifications and their expiry dates


Retain talent & reduce attrition

  • Increases ability to target training and minimise associated costs
  • Reduced attrition/increases talent retention (1 person retained averages £40,000)
  • Reduction in recruitment costs (recruitment & replacement of top talent can be as high as £80,000)
  • Cloud-based – no need for costly upgrades of CAPEX costs
  • Reduces waste associated with paper based PM processes


Increase focus & alignment

  • Removes paper and associated administration from HR
  • Aligns and focuses staff on key objectives
  • Increases visibility of individual performance enabling more focused management
  • Automated reporting & moderation accelerates the entire process.

Security is paramount

Security is of paramount importance to us and our clients. The priority that we place on this has served to differentiate us from many of our peers and attracted numerous high profile and security conscious organisations. You can download our full Security and Privacy Policies at the bottom of this page should you require further details not disclosed below.

We are proud to hold ISO27001; ISO14001 & ISO9001 accreditation in our own right as a business.

Our Software is securely hosted and backed up in fully accredited UK based Memset data centres. Memset are also PGA accredited to provide Official (IL2-IL3) services and official classified services via encrypted PSN overlay.

All staff at Actus are CRB and background checked.

Staff are not able to access passwords or other confidential data and system activity is logged and audited by our Head of Security. All staff sign mandatory confidentiality agreements and take part in regular security awareness training.

All access to the system is via SSL (https), so none of our services can be reached via non-secure connection.

We also provide other optional security measures including access restricted to whitelisted IP addresses, 2 factor authentication, forced password changes and enforced password regulations. We invest in formal penetration testing annually and after any major release

In relation to GDPR and Actus Software, we are a data processor which means that all the data is owned by the client. However, one of the benefits of Actus Performance Management Software is the fact that we have already developed a number of features to proactively help our clients to comply with GDPR more easily. This includes a one off or everytime ‘Opt-In’ pop up box for staff accessing the system. We also have flexible controls in place enabling clients to manage the timeline and frequency of data deletion.

As a business in our own right we are also up-to-date with our own responsibilities around GDPR and are committed to following the ICO guidance in this area.

If you want to know more about Actus Security, please feel free to get in touch to discuss with one of our experts.

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