What made you decide you needed a new system?

As a subsidiary of a larger German parent, Fichtner UK had been invited to participate with the roll out of an HRIS and talent platform to support development, appraisals etc. However, it quickly became apparent that the selected system wasn’t really suitable for the needs of the UK business. Not only that, but there were also many language and support issues that were further compounded by being in a different language.

How did you select Actus?

Chris and a team of managers defined what they were looking for and started with comprehensive desk research. They narrowed down a list of contenders to Actus and two others and decided to invite their test user group to trial all three, because ease of use was so important after their previous experience. “We wanted something that was slick, that was easy to use and that was modern”

 Involving managers and users in the selection process was key to gaining buy-in to the system, increasing the acceptance and usage and paving the way to using more functionality as time goes on. Chris explained that Actus was especially attractive because of the additional modules that could be enabled as the business grows, an example of which is their use of annual 180 degree feedback to develop managers.

Fantastic support

Chris was quick to recognise the Customer Success team for being on hand whenever needed in contrast to his previous experience. He explained that Actus being a UK business was a huge advantage in terms of timely, responsive and relevant support.

“Jane falls over herself to help us. she’s fantastic. I can’t thank her enough for doing what she’s done. She’s been very attentive; in fact the whole team eat and breathe customer service. Pretty much the Actus philosophy, nothing is too much of a problem”


Strategic business benefits

Chris explained while the business benefits from the system from streamlining paper-based processes, real-time reporting and employee’s being able to self-serve with certificates and other data, the key benefit to someone like him in a stand-alone role is the way this frees up time from admin and allows him to contribute more to the strategic future of the business.

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