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“The trainer’s style helped everyone to feel comfortable in an online environment and really made sure the material landed and was well grounded with each of us.”

“Great principles & visuals that I will be able to apply at board level meetings. Highly engaging content & delivery style!”

“I found this course really useful! It gave me practical hints, tools and techniques to reflect on myself but also how I can inspire wider organisational change. Some of the tools I’m already putting into practice!”



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Actus Learning Solutions

We offer a number of learning solutions all available in-house and suitable for cohorts of 4-16 people. From our 75 minute, virtual Bite Size training sessions to our full courses on ‘Managing Underperformance’ and ‘Managing for High Performance’. These training sessions are all delivered by, Chartered Psychologist Lucinda Carney.

Dealing with underperformance training

Dealing with Underperformance

Many managers lack the confidence and therefore the skill to pick up on potential performance issues and turn them around. This leads to disengagement, frustration, low performance and ultimately attrition. This training course has been designed to address this problem and is available as a fully virtual two part programme or one day face to face.

Course Content:

  • Knowing when and how to ‘draw a line in the sand’
  • Diagnosing the causes of underperformance
  • Adapting your style according to the cause
  • A simple model for managing underperformance
  • When and how to handle sensitive issues
  • The importance of courageous, consistent feedback
  • Specific versus general feedback
  • Pitching feedback at the right ‘logical level’
  • Business as usual feedback and motivation

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Managing for High Performance training

Managing for High Performance

Prevention is better than cure and in today’s climate many organisations feel that their people may not be maximising their performance. This could be due to fatigue, motivation or lack of clarity and feedback. The bottom line is that most people want to deliver their best but anyone can go “off the boil”. This course looks at how managers can inspire and energise people to deliver their best consistently.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why performance can “go off the boil”
  • Drivers of high performance
  • Re-energising performance
  • Adapting your style to the performance level
  • The importance of courageous, consistent feedback
  • Specific versus general feedback
  • Pitching feedback at the right ‘logical level’
  • Business as usual feedback and motivation

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Bite Size Performance Management Training

Bite Size Training

Our 75 minute, virtual, training sessions from our performance series, are a perfect way to introduce or re-energise the skills of your management population. These powerful sessions are designed to provide participants with an interactive virtual learning experience.

We have two options to select dependant on your development needs: ‘Managing Underperformance’ and ‘Managing for High Performance’.

By breaking down these topics into digestible modules, we aim to provide managers with practical, actionable strategies that they can implement immediately. These virtual sessions are specifically crafted to empower your management team with the essential skills needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape.

The learning in our bite size courses can operate as standalone bite size learning or can be followed up by our two part courses, ‘Managing Underperformance’ or ‘Managing for High Performance’ full 2 part programmes.

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How to be a Change Superhero

Most of us are increasingly involved in change, whether we are managing or receiving it. This three-module training programme is for anyone who has tried to deliver or support business change but has felt frustrated by the experience. It is for people who want to stand up and make a difference by inspiring successful change but don’t know where to start. This course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to feel like a Change Superhero!

Modules included: 

  1. Utilising your Change Superpowers
  2. People and Culture during Change
  3. Managing and Communicating large-scale change
  4. Key takeaways, Personal development points, Buddying and Follow-up support

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Actus Academy

The e-learning platform for people managers. Written by our experienced trainers, the platform offers the opportunity for learning at a time that fits around a busy work schedule.

Course Modules available:

  1. Dealing with Change
  2. Managing Change
  3. Leading Change
  4. Key communication skills and self-awareness
  5. Setting SMARTER objectives
  6. Effective 1 to 1’s & appraisals
  7. Delivering Feedback for positive outcomes
  8. Managing Underperformance
  9. Interactive Videos and Resources

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