Are your people flat as a pancake?

Posted on 13th February 2024 by Lucinda Carney

With many people continuing to work remotely, it can be difficult to spot when people are feeling excessively flat, so let’s use Shrove Tuesday this year as an opportunity to check in with our people.

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21 ways to give employee recognition

Posted on 12th February 2024 by Actus

Although many of us would recognise Valentine’s Day as being a clever money-making scheme for retailers, that doesn’t stop us picking up cards, flowers and chocolates to show our loved ones how much we value them.

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10 tips for increasing psychological safety

Posted on 4th March 2022 by Lucinda Carney

10 tips for increasing Psychological Safety I discussed the various definitions of psychological safety in my previous blog and touched on the importance of it, particularly in a hybrid working environment against a backdrop of pandemic and war in Ukraine which has an impact on general levels of anxiety in society. This blog focuses on

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Why psychological safety is so important in the hybrid world

Posted on 3rd March 2022 by Lucinda Carney

What is Psychological Safety? Psychological safety is a term often associated with the researcher and author Dr Amy Edmondson, who coined the phrase ‘team psychological safety’ in a 1999 journal article who and defined it as “a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” However the

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