What kind of support do you require from your software provider?

In our final blog in this series, we consider what kind of relationship you might want from your performance management software provider, as this is another key difference that is often overlooked. You should expect that all providers will provide technical support if the system goes down as part of the licence fee, this is the bare minimum, but with cloud software this kind of support will rarely be required.

Common support issues relating to performance management software

The reality is that most support issues you will encounter will come down to lack of skill or knowledge within your own organisation e.g. How to add a new appraisal template to a person or managing starters or leavers. If you contact technical support – particularly if you can only access them online or in different time-zones, you are likely to end up frustrated.

Level of support offered by different providers

However good the user guides or training video’s are, there may be times when you would prefer to talk to a real human being, without necessarily paying by the minute!

If you believe this will be important then you should ask about more than the service level agreement type support (which is likely to be purely technical) and understand more about the support culture your provider offers.

Find out whether they offer any kind of post-implementation support and if they do, whether you have to pay more for it or buy training credits to access it. If you are considering one of the big players, find out how accessible post-implementation support is and also how responsive they are – we have heard horror stories of support requests taking weeks or months to answer, if at all!

If you want to feel like more than a number with your provider, then size may not be everything! In terms of the niche providers, find out whether you can pick up the phone and call them (in your time zone) if there is a problem.

Actus offer full-post implementation support

We are proud to be able to offer a full post-implementation support service at Actus. Our Engagement Consultants stay in regular contact with your internal HR Administrators, guiding and educating them in different aspects of the Actus Performance Management System when the time is right for them.

For example, at our 4-6 week engagement check-in, we visit the System Reporting, as this will be more relevant once new information is visible. At the 6 months’ check-in, we might re-visit configuration, or whether the appraisal forms do exactly what you want. We also run monthly HR Admin refresher training sessions free of charge.

In other words, we offer responsive Actus resources, to provide you with the real support that you need, to get the most out of your software investment. This sets Actus apart in a busy marketplace and is a true differentiator.

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