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FREE Manager’s performance appraisal checklist template

We have created this Manager’s performance appraisal checklist template because appraisals can be daunting, both for the Manager and the team member.

All too often they are hastily scheduled into calendars to meet a deadline set by HR with minimal preparation and a tick-box attitude to the process. So what can you do as a Manager to ensure you conduct a positive, effective appraisal?

Firstly, it’s all about the preparation!

You need to ensure you have evidence of successes (or possibly failures!) Perhaps gather some information from other members of the company who have interacted with your team member, and that you are entering the meeting with an open mind to really listen to what your team member is telling you.manager’s performance appraisal checklist

Secondly, let’s be honest!

Open and honest communication between both parties will make all of your interactions (not just appraisals) much more successful, as you are creating a culture of trust and transparency that will only lead to more positive results.

Thirdly, no surprises please!

The appraisal isn’t a time to spring a huge surprise on someone (from either side of the table.) Performance Management isn’t a once yearly activity; you should have been having regular check-in’s (or 1:1’s) with your team throughout the year and addressing issues as they have arisen. If someone drops a bombshell during an appraisal then your communication has broken down.

Let our Manager Checklist help.

By using this checklist, and the information you and your team member have collected throughout the year via clear objectives/targets, regular check-ins, career aspiration discussions and recording development actions (no it’s not difficult to collate all that information, if you use Actus Software – it’s as easy as pressing a button) the length of your appraisals will be reduced, and feel considerably less painful than they might once have been.

Look out for other value add templates that we will be adding to our Resources.

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