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When making the business case for moving from paper-based appraisal to performance management software it can often be difficult to demonstrate a tangible return on investment (ROI) to those who manage the purse strings. They may consider the well-known benefits of employee engagement, increased productivity and visibility as ‘theoretical’ rather than ‘proven’ concepts. Unfortunately, these tend not to be tangible enough to persuade anyone but the most enlightened budget holder of their importance when faced with competing financial demands.

Demonstrating an ROI from performance management software

At Actus, we understand that this is a common challenge. Given that we are lucky enough to have a lot of data, we decided that the time had come to see whether independent statistical analysis could find any evidence of a tangible financial impact of using Actus Software. We chose to investigate any correlation between Actus system usage and attrition rates, as a clearly measurable factor with direct financial impact. The results were surprising and interesting, fill out the form to the right to access the full white paper and find out more.

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