Choosing the best Performance Management Software

The Performance Management Software marketplace is a crowded one. As a result, it can be very difficult to see behind the marketing to understand what each product actually offers. Deciding which is the best performance management software for your business can, therefore, be a real challenge.

Our in-house HR experts have been evaluating the marketplace in order to truly understand the pro and cons of the many solutions out there. Their findings have resulted in us producing a blog series to help you to cut through the noise and focus your research.

As we are a UK provider of performance management software in our own right, our analysis is supported by information gathered from various sources. These include review platforms such as G2Crowd, Serchen and Capterra; Company Websites; and Customer feedback.

Accessing the needs of your business

So, to understand which Performance Management System is right for your business, you need to think about the needs and requirements of your business. These could be different from the benefits on offer from the various software solutions. We have produced a series of blogs that consider the relative benefits of the systems in the market place in relation to the criteria below:

Blog series on choosing the right software:

Performance Management Software blog

1: What kind of approach do you want from your performance management software – Evolution or Revolution?
2: What features are ‘Must Have’s’ e.g. Development; Competencies or Feedback?
3: How complex is your organisation? e.g. Matrix Management; Multiple Role requirements and forms
4: Does your organisation require culture change? Do you want a ‘plug and play’ software fix or do you want to upskill your managers and use this as a ‘Cultural Catalyst’?
5: What kind of support do you want from your software provider?

Evolution vs Revolution – the right software approach

We hope that once you have read our blog series you will have a much clearer understanding of which is the best Performance Management Software for your Business. Take a look at our first blog in the series on choosing between an evolutionary approach to software, or a revolutionary approach. Click on the button below to read the first blog in the series.

Read the blog: Evolution vs Revolution

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