How to drive high performance with Appraisal Software

Performance Appraisal

When researching different performance appraisal systems it is easy to focus purely on two areas. These are the appraisal functionality and how close you can get it to your own paper-based version. However, by comparing paper-based appraisals with your Appraisal Software you would be missing a trick. To drive high workplace performance, managers should look at system functionality that enables positive change.

Appraisal Software Key Functionality

One of these key functionalities of appraisal software is the recording of the humble one-to-one meeting. These one-to-one meetings should regularly be taking place (at least monthly) however they often get overlooked or rescheduled. One-to-one functionality will be an integral part of any good performance appraisal system.

One-to-one meetings are a crucial tool to:

  • Drive high performance
  • Prevent performance issues
  • Engage and retain talent

How one-to-one meetings should take place

The most effective people managers are totally committed to regular one-to-one meetings with their staff. The style of the meeting will likely vary based on the needs of the staff member.  Depending on the circumstances, the agenda for the meeting should be either nurturing or challenging and driven by either party. These meetings can take the form of an informal ‘catch-up’ to keep employees on track.

The analogy of trying to lose weight

Staff are unlikely to reach peak performance levels if performance is only reviewed annually. This is why one-to-one’s are an integral part of Actus Software. We like to use the analogy of someone trying to lose weight. Someone that sets a goal to lose x amount of weight by x date is likely to ‘check-in’ on the scales to monitor their progress. They can then make further adjustments to their diet or exercise regime as required. The same process applies to setting performance management goals at the start of the year. These goals must be reviewed regularly to ensure focus is maintained and staff stay on track.

Providing a sound audit trail

Recording one-to-one’s using performance appraisal software can also provide a sound audit trail to protect your business. This can help to manage underperformers for example, and demonstrate that an employee was treated fairly if your company is taken to a tribunal; therefore protecting you from litigation.

Find out more

To encourage a culture of one-to-ones in your business using HR software, take a look at our guide below. If you are looking to move to online performance appraisal software or are not happy with your current system, book a free demonstration of Actus Performance Appraisal Software below.

7 step guide to one to one’s 

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