An international approach to an online appraisal system

Gooch & Housego is a global leader in photonics technology with significant growth plans over the next five years. Operating across numerous sites worldwide, within several different cultures, the approach towards appraisal and performance management varied significantly.

Legacy systems and practices were in play and engagement was not given enough focus. The company were therefore looking for a more consistent approach to performance management, appraisal and talent management across the globe in order to drive greater alignment and consistency. Because of the international nature of the workforce they knew it needed to be an online appraisal system in order to manage timezones and uptake effectively. Andrew Mcbride, Head of Learning & Development conducted a thorough evaluation of the market place and selected Actus due to the flexibility of the online appraisal system and the responsiveness of the team.

A consistent approach using the Actus System

Actus Online Appraisal System was introduced with a pilot group of 250 staff in August 2015. With almost immediate effect, it introduced a more consistent approach towards how things were done.

All managers, across multiple levels and throughout numerous countries are all operating within the same structure. Most importantly there is a much greater level of alignment of goals across the organisation, with objectives stemming from the top and being properly cascaded down to ensure understanding and relevance for each role. The reporting function within the system has also been a real benefit in tracking the progress that is being made against objectives, as it provides a visual representation of the goals set and how people are progressing against them. Reports also demonstrate development requirements and the tracking of qualifications across the organisation. This subsequently provides a solid foundation for the next stages of organisational development and talent management.

Upon launch, the approach to training staff in the new online appraisal system had to be pragmatic due to the geographical spread of the workforce. So rather than face-to-face sessions, the training was rolled out via webinar. That was supplemented with on-site support through in-house ‘experts’ who have been able to draw upon the large repository of support materials within Actus and guidance from the Actus team when needed.

“When compared to other online appraisal systems, I really appreciated the personal touch that the Actus Software Team provided”

– Andrew Mcbride, Head of Learning & Development

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At the six month account review, when Andrew Mcbride was asked how he thought Actus had been received his view was as follows:

“Overall, Actus is regarded as an easy to use, intuitive, online appraisal system. It has in-built flexibility within certain areas making it easier to adapt to meet our business needs and so far, has really helped move the dial in terms of productivity and common practices”

Now the relationship is very well established and Actus and Gooch & Housego continue to collaborate on the Actus Feedback Module.

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