5 tips for Virtual Performance Management

We are all aware of this unprecedented situation which is resulting in many people having to self-isolate or work from home. With high proportions of people off sick, others self-isolating to say nothing of the pure distraction and uncertainty around the Coronavirus pandemic, how can we keep people feeling focused and supported in these challenging times?

The key is good quality, virtual performance management skills using Actus as the tool to help.

1. Capture virtual 121’s using the software – creating a sense of structure and normality

Where there is an internet connection and computer or smartphone, there is the ability to collaborate over technology. Rather than just ad hoc or informal communication, this is the time for managers to ramp up the frequency of 121’s to at least once a week. Focusing on the needs of the individual first and foremost is good practice during any 121. However, it is a real priority when face to face contact is limited, particularly for extended periods of time. Managers can use the structure of the 121 functionality within Actus to provide the structure for each 121, helping to provide that sense of normality while working remotely.

2. Break down objectives and focus people on short term tasks and targets

Working remotely can remove lots of distractions, but it can also be easy for people to lose focus. Especially as social media and conversations everywhere centre on the Coronavirus. Be sure to break objectives down into milestones and actions with daily or weekly deliverables and capture these in your virtual performance management tool. These can be reviewed during the 121’s ensuring that key projects remain on track and providing individuals with a sense of achievement.

3. Seize the opportunity to promote self-development

In normal times we are often too busy to take the time out to develop ourselves. Without the daily commute, people have more time in the day. Why not encourage staff to use this time to develop themselves with online courses or reading books or articles. Encourage everyone to do an hour’s self-development daily and capture their progress as CPD in your virtual performance management system.

4. Recognise positive behaviours virtually

Just because you aren’t with people physically doesn’t mean you can’t still give them a warm glow inside by proving regular recognition for a job done well, particularly under these challenging circumstances. Go out of your way to catch people doing things right by taking advantage of the recognition functionality in Actus. By sending that recognition for an email that you read or a well-conducted web demonstration, you are showing that your team may be out of sight but they are not out of mind.

5. Hold virtual team meetings

Use collaboration technology to bring people together weekly. Use this as an opportunity to set and share progress against team goals and objectives. Allow people to transfer knowledge around personal development and recognise others for their contribution. Because you have been capturing all this data in your virtual performance management software it is easy to bring it up on screen or report on recognition league tables. This helps to provide a sense of competition and fun.

Use Performance Management to support your team in these unprecedented times

The reality is that these are unprecedented times. Therefore, the continued productivity and focus of our people is going to be key. We all need to be resilient which means supporting and bringing the best out of each other. Good quality people and performance management has never been more important. By using Actus as your virtual performance management tool of choice, you are providing the visibility and structure that will help your team to perform, develop and feel supported despite the circumstances.

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