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People Development

In this 7 Simple Steps to People Development we’ll look at the different ways the development of your staff can be achieved, as it doesn’t always mean costly training courses and lots of time away from the business.

How important is people development to you? If we want to grow and retain our talent then we have to be prepared to invest in our people: otherwise known as people development. This makes them feel valued, helps to improve our current talent rather than forcing us to outsource or hire more staff, and can give employees focus and help them with their overall career aspirations. Development needs will inevitably come from your regular 1 to 1 meetings, so it is important to keep having these at least once a quarter, to guide your people to be their best selves.

However, people development does not necessarily have to mean what you think it does.

Step 1: What’s the purpose of people development?

  • To encourage ownership and focus on continuing personal development and growth
  • To promote a learning culture and make your business an attractive proposition for potential employees
  • To encourage succession planning and transfer of knowledge

Step 2: Who should it be aimed at?

  • People development should be a cultural objective of the business and all employees should have access to development options – wouldn’t you be more attracted to an innovative, employee focused company if you were out job hunting again?

Step 3: What should be covered?

  • Identification of the individual’s development needs
  • How those needs can be addressed, e.g. on the job learning, shadowing, reading, formal training courses, etc. (ideally a combination of multiple methods)
  • Who owns the resolution of that development need

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