How to have a productive Christmas… 

with Performance Appraisal Software!
A productive christmas

The festive season can fill the workplace with a flurry of excitement. Tinsel adorned desks, office Christmas parties and Secret Santa gifts can soften the scrooges amongst us and boost employee morale. However, it can equate to a productivity meltdown, as the focus is on a Christmas countdown rather than a financially rewarding end-of-year performance.

So, how can you ensure that you ‘have yourself a productive Christmas’? Well, the answer lies with Performance Appraisal Software!

Tips for having a productive Christmas

You may well have read our early blog entitled: Year-round performance appraisal – how do we actually make it happen?’. This blog outlined the importance of ditching ‘tick-box’ paper-based performance appraisals for organic, meaningful and more effective conversations.

Ideally, Managers should be holding regular one-to-one’s with their staff throughout the year. To be conducted effectively, a performance appraisal system like Actus Performance Appraisal Software should be used. Whether or not it’s the end of your financial year staff should have clarity on whether they are on track with meeting SMART objectives set at the start of the year.

When using a performance appraisal system, regular milestones can be set. This will help staff to have clarity of objectives and responsibilities and to stay focused during the festive period. A good performance appraisal system should further help managers and staff to start planning for the year ahead. Consequently, employees should know what is expected of them and feel supported when returning to the office in January.

Recognising staff using Performance Appraisal Software

It is important to recognise good performance amongst staff during the festive season. You don’t need to throw an elaborate Christmas party to do this either! One way to recognise employees is by using the recognition functionality of any good performance appraisal system. The Actus system allows managers and peers to recognise each other against a set of core company values by a click of a button. Furthermore for simplicity, the Actus mobile app can be used to carry out recognition on the move.

A productive start to 2024

As we look to the New Year, you will likely be wondering how 2024 can be better than the year just gone. Investing in an effective performance appraisal software now is one important step you can make sure your staff have a productive Christmas. However, a performance appraisal software is not just for Christmas! By setting up and embedding the right performance management behaviours now, this will set into motion the right practices for the year.

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