What is the secret tool that every business should be using to drive high performance?

When researching different performance appraisal systems it is easy to focus purely on the appraisal functionality and how close you can get it to your own paper based version, however by doing so you would be missing a trick. To drive high performance in the workplace managers need to be looking for additional functionality within a performance appraisal system that acts as an enabler for positive change.

One of these key functionalities is the recording of the humble one-to-one meeting that often gets overlooked and rescheduled yet should really be taking place at least once a month and will be an integral part of any good performance appraisal system.

One-to-one meetings are a crucial tool to:

  • Drive high performance
  • Prevent performance issues
  • Engage and retain talent

The most effective people managers are totally committed to regular one-to-one meetings with their staff. The style of the meeting will likely vary based on the needs of the staff member, the agenda could be driven by either party and the tone could be nurturing or challenging depending on the circumstances.

It is highly unlikely that an organisation will have staff reaching their peak level of performance if they only review performance annually. This is why one-to-one’s are an integral part of Actus Software.

A further bonus of recording one-to-one’s in a performance appraisal system is so that you have an audit trail that can be used to protect your business; helping with underperformers or by demonstrating that an employee was treated fairly if your company is taken to tribunal and therefore protecting you from litigation.

If you would like to encourage a culture of one to ones in your business, visit our online resources page for a 7 step guide to one to one’s..