Choosing the right approach to Performance Management Software

When it comes to choosing the best performance management software, it is really important to consider the culture of your organisation and factoring in the fit between this and the software solution that you are considering. It is easy to be impressed by marketing gimmicks or advanced functionality that may in reality be rejected by your people or take many years to embed. 

Depending on your starting point, introducing performance management software may involve culture change for your business and it is important to consider whether an evolutionary or a revolutionary approach is going to be most effective.

Evolution vs Revolution in Performance Management Software

An evolutionary approach

If the following criteria apply to your organisation then an evolutionary approach is most likely to be successful:

1. If you have an existing paper-based process that you want to take online. The organisation’s main driver is reducing the administrative burden and streamlining the process.

2. The organisation has a specific way of administering pay or reward against your current process. Therefore, you need to retain or replicate this, making it quicker and easier.

3. If some of your workforces lack certain technical capabilities and therefore require a system that evolves with them over time.

A revolutionary approach

A revolutionary approach may work well for you if for example:

1. You are a smaller business without established paper-based systems and/or it isn’t essential for everyone to take on the new approach.

2. Furthermore, this approach may work with a younger, tech-savvy, creative workforce and/or Inspirational Leadership who are highly effective at motivating and driving behavioural change.

List of Performance Management Systems evaluated by approach:

If you think evolution is the right approach for you, Actus performance management software is highly configurable which means that it can be aligned with your existing templates and processes increasing the familiarity for your people. Different functionality can be rolled out over time, for example some clients start simple with just appraisals and objectives and then release additional features over time. So, they may release the development and learning management functionality after a few months to align with their annual cycle. This has the effect of keeping the system fresh and exciting, but not overwhelming people with too much functionality at once. Because Actus offers a range of functionality including 360 feedback, talent management and compliance, additional modules can also be introduced over time which can be really cost effective.


On the other hand, you may prefer to launch your performance management software in a ‘big bang’ or revolutionary way. This approach is generally  most suitable for smaller (Sub 50) organisations that don’t have existing performance management processes to replicate. In this situation an ‘out of the box’ solution is likely to be more appropriate. This is why we developed Actus Edge, a simple and straightforward way to revolutionise your approach to performance management.

Whether you feel Evolution or Revolution is right for your business, why not get in touch with Actus to take a look and have a free demo?

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