Performance Management Systems supporting Evolution

You should focus on performance management systems that can support evolution if some or all of the following applies to your organisation or business:

  1. You already have an existing paper-based process that you want to take online and your main driver is reducing the administrative burden and streamlining the whole process.
  2. You have quite a specific way of administering pay or reward against your current process that you need to retain or replicate, you just want to make it quicker and easier.
  3. If some of your workforce lack technical capability then you probably want to start simply and have the potential for a solution to evolve or grow with you over time.

Performance Management Systems supporting Revolution

Revolution may work well for you if:

Evolution vs Revolution

  1. You are a smaller business without established paper-based systems and/or it isn’t essential for everyone to take on the new approach.
  2. It may also be a good fit if you have a younger, highly tech savvy and creative work force and/or Inspirational Leadership who are highly effective at motivating and driving behavioural change.

Top Performance Management Solutions that fit into these Categories as evaluated by our experts are listed below.

Evolution Pro’s & Con’s

Pro’s These solutions are highly configurable and can be used to replicate your existing paper-based processes. You can set up multiple templates and interfaces to provide simplicity or extra functionality within your own organisation.

Con’s – You may need to pay a set up fee for this configuration; The US providers tend to be significantly more expensive and more suitable for Large Enterprise.

Examples include:                    

Revolution Pro’s & Con’s

Pro’s – Perfect for smaller (Sub 50) businesses that haven’t got established performance management processes to replicate. Simple to use without training and no set up costs

Con’s – If ‘out of the box’ doesn’t work for your business then it could be short-sighted; Can feel a bit ‘faddish’ or short term.

Examples include:

  • Clear Review – *UK
  • Apprais’d
  • Open Blend *UK

*We have identified UK providers as many of our UK and European clients consider this to be a benefit in terms of access to service and support.

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Disclaimer – This blog has made every effort to be objective and helpful, however this is a fast moving marketplace so we cannot be held liable by any inaccuracies in our evaluation.

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