We are regularly approached by HR Professionals seeking Clear Review alternatives for comparison. Not because Clear Review isn’t a good performance management system – but because it doesn’t suit every environment and it is important for businesses to have choice. Some background first,  Actus and Clear Review both launched in the UK marketplace 8-10 years ago and their businesses are led by founders with strong HR backgrounds. Both have credible track records and satisfied customers – so how do the two offerings differ?

Well, both businesses have followed different strategies, Clear Review focused heavily on removing the pains of appraisal and defining a new, better way to carry out performance reviews. They have had a laserlike focus onclear review alternatives this topic and defined a prescriptive way of doing this through their software. They invested heavily in marketing, gaining great exposure (which is probably why you googled Clear Review alternatives in the first place!) They have made a great name for themselves and were sold successfully to become part of the Advanced group in 2019, all credit to them.

Actus chose a different but equally valid path for their many customers. They had always been passionate about building a better workplace for people, but don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. They built their software to be highly configurable so it can be adapted to meet the needs of the organisation and enable evolution over revolution. Actus also recognised that increasingly organisations want fully integrated solutions rather than standalone modules and invested in building a full people performance solution including 360 feedback, Learning Management (LMS), talent management and compliance. This approach has made Actus more than a Clear Review alternative for people who just want to revolutionise appraisal; instead they offer a scaleable, future-proofed solution that can develop with customer needs and save £££’s in integration or licence fees with multiple systems.

The reality is that priorities evolve within HR and appraisal is just one of them. With a hybrid environment, increasingly businesses want to accelerate their digital strategy and this means that having one vendor who can provide the solution to multiple challenges can be a huge advantage. Actus’s commitment to working in partnership to provide an end-to-end solution doesn’t stop at software; they have expanded the training and consultancy arm of the business with aligned offerings around hybrid manager training and change management and their CEO Lucinda Carney continues to offer regular webinars and to host the very popular HR Uprising Podcast.

So if you are exploring Clear Review alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. We’d be more than happy to offer you a free demo at a time that is convenient to you.

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