23 Jan 17, By ACT-CMS

News Release - Launch of Actus Learning™

      London January 2017: Actus™ announces the launch of Actus Learning to complement their award winning Actus Software™ operation. The new division will focus on helping clients to drive culture change by embedding the skills and behaviours needed to improve performance, to achieve increased productivity and cost efficiencies. Headed up by director Ali Nutley, a veteran of...

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26 Nov 16, By ACT-CMS

Year round performance appraisal - how do we actually make it happen?

Year round performance appraisal - how do we actually make it happen? This year has been all about 'ditching the performance appraisal' not simply...

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11 Nov 16, By ACT-CMS

Guest blog: Maximising Productivity When Working Flexibly

Today's blog is a guest blog from Office Genie on how to stay focused when working flexibly.  Whether it’s working from home or scheduling...

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18 Oct 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: Talent management software: why are we wasting money on training?

Why aren't businesses investing in talent management software rather than wasting money on training? This may sound like a strange opening line for someone who has spent her working career...

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11 Oct 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: What's the deal with performance review systems?

The end of performance review systems? Performance review systems are being ditched as quickly as performance reviews are, it would seem. As a Millennial not long into the workplace, I...

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12 Aug 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: How an online appraisal system can increase HR Productivity

Increase HR productivity using an online appraisal system According to Engage ESM whopping 92% of UK HR leaders feel held back in...

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03 Aug 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: Are Appraisal Systems really dead?

Are Appraisal Systems really dead? Plenty has been written in recent years about the decline of the performance appraisal, in fact according to July’s People Management magazine, just...

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01 Aug 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: Actus™ performance appraisal software has been approved for Government G Cloud 8

The Actus™ performance appraisal software is approved for Government G Cloud 8 this summer St. Albans, UK. 1st August 2016 – Actus™ Software, a registered trading ...

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20 Jul 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: How can a performance appraisal system help me?

How can a performance appraisal system help me? Surely it's just more work! If you are a Manager then I’m sure you’ll struggle with the constant...

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28 Jun 16, By ACT-CMS

Blog: Why should I stay? Millennials and SME's

Millennials and SME's need each other. Every business out there today is trying to attract Millennials. The bright lights of big corporate companies are a very tempting pull for many, so...

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