Actus & the HRi Partnership

Here at Actus, we are happy to announce a strategic partnership with the HRi (the HR Independents). The HRi is a brand new membership body, aimed at independent HR professionals as well as those who are in an ‘HR department of one’. We decided to work in partnership with HRi, as part of our ethos is to help build a better workplace for people. We believe the HRi is a part of our ethos as they provide practical support for HR independents. In addition, the HRi offers a voice on behalf of the many thousands of workers not registered with the CIPD.

Partnership with HRi

Until now there hasn’t been a wealth of support for independent HR professionals. Often, they have relied upon themselves alone, making mistakes along the way, but learning their way to success. With the HRi, independent HR professionals can finally have the support they need to succeed from the start. Advice available on forums is helpful and plentiful, but we must remember that it is subjective advice. The HRi provides a clearing house for information, and always remains non-subjective.

Building a better workplace for people

We are helping the HRi by giving members access to our comprehensive Actus Performance and Talent Management Software. In addition, members of the HRi can access our free value-add services which include the weekly HR Uprising Podcast and monthly topical webinars. Therefore, we are contributing to the HRi and their members through our key HR knowledge and software functionality.

Finding out more

To find out more about the Actus and the HRi partnership and how they can help provide you with the support you need as an HR independent, please get in touch here. Why not listen to the HR Uprising Podcast below, where our CEO and host, Lucinda Carney, talks to two of the founders, Ruth Cornish and Katy McMinn.

Listen to The HR Uprising Podcast: Introducing The HRi – HR Independents Professional Membership Organisation

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