Why the Performance Management Process is important

We all know that performance management should be seen as much more than a process. In fact, it is hard to move now without being told that ‘appraisals’ are dead and ‘Check-ins’ are the only way forward. To an extent, we agree, but we would warn against throwing out all structure entirely. The risk of going completely free form is that managers and staff will only have a range of tactical ‘Check-ins’ rather like the more traditional one-to-one. These do have their place but not at the expense of the entire performance management process. Having a clear process is important to bring structure and purpose. The style and quality of ‘Check-ins’ will vary wildly otherwise where there is a greater risk of them becoming ‘tick-box’ exercises rather than old school appraisal.

Guide a good performance management process

This 7 Simple Steps guide to building an effective Performance Management Process gives an overview of each aspect of an effective process. Supporting this document is a series of best practice manager guides that explain each activity in more detail. You can access these in our Manager’s Guide section here. Performance management is often seen as a process that takes place between a manager and their employee during the year. The purpose is to focus and motivate high performance which should have a direct impact on organisational and individual results. It should include objective setting, 1 to 1’s, development and career discussions, all interspersed with regular quality feedback.

But calling it a process can be where it falls apart, as fundamentally it is about the human interaction between two people resulting in motivation and increased results.

In this guide, we outline these 7 simple steps that make up an effective Performance Management Process. Each of these stages has a specific purpose and value which gives clarity to staff about what to expect.

Performance Management Resources

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