GreaterSport is a Manchester-based charity that is passionate about changing lives through physical activity and sport. Their vision is to make Greater Manchester the most active region in England and part of a network across the country that works collaboratively to use the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives. They employ in the region of thirty-five people and work collaboratively with hundreds of volunteers.

The leadership had a compelling vision for the future and knew that this could only be achieved if everyone understood their priorities clearly and these were well aligned. Despite being a relatively small business they had high aspirations, many of which required a high level of cross-functional teamwork. Their existing spreadsheet-based approach made it difficult to track projects centrally and impossible to have the visibility of progress that they needed for success.

Why Actus Edge?

GreaterSport loved the combination of simplicity and functionality that Actus Edge offered. Unlike most other offerings in the SME space, Actus offered much more than an HRiS database and appraisal repository approach. Instead, Actus provided performance management functionality and visibility that encouraged ongoing performance conversations and development. In short – sophisticated yet simple to use functionality – out of the box.

“All our employees benefit from having access to their performance record, which allows ownership of their goals and objectives. Every Actus employee we have dealt with has been extremely helpful and patient with all requests we have made.”

– Viv Elvidge, HR &Office Manager at GreaterSport

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Rolling out the Performance Management System

GreaterSport had a seamless implementation and swiftly embedded Actus as a critical business tool, tying personal objectives with business objectives and linking to their overall priority plan. They have grown successfully over the past two years and are now looking to take advantage of additional Actus functionality.


A positive uptake of the System

“Since the implementation of Actus, performance management is considered more important within the organisation and employees now have clear records regarding their performance. Having the system in place has also helped embed a more regular One-to-One process.”

– Viv Elvidge, HR &Office Manager at GreaterSport

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