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What does the evidence say about what works in performance management? - Academic Research Review

At Actus we believe in taking an evidence based approach to performance management and back in 2016 we commissioned Professor Nuno Da Camara of Southhampton Business School to review the recent literature on this topic to understand what the evidence really says about what works in Performance Management and the degree to which it correlates with Organisational Performance or drives other results.

Unlike many scientific articles, this is written in an engaging and accessible way so HR professionals who are interested in evidence based practice will find this of interest and applicable. Of course, a research review cannot give us definitive answers because this is purely a review of the research on this topic that has been conducted to date. Nevertheless it makes for interesting reading if you want to know more about how to implement performance management activities in a way that will deliver the best results.

This comprehensive paper covers:

  • What Does 'Good' Performance Management Look Like - How to implement PMS effectively
  • Selected Research Studies on Key Features of Effective Performance Management Systems
  • 8 key areas of focus for implementing effective performance management
  • What works in Employee Performance Management and does it enhance organisational performance
  • Case studies on Performance Management Practices in various organisations
  • The future for performance management

This paper tells us that performance management systems, if designed and implemented effectively have the potential to result in desired outcomes such as: role clarity; enhanced performance; performance alignment at all levels - individual, team and organisational; improved superior subordinate relationship; greater employee commitment and motivation to improve performance. It provides further evidence for the conclusion that many high performing organisations have already reached which is that high performing organisations consider performance management as a true dynamic business process that enables performance and drives organisational and individual success - not as a static yearly appraisal process.

We have designed Actus Software to support the activities and skill development that this research review tells us works from ongoing conversations to feedback to coaching and development. Please get in touch to find out more and/or just enter your details in the form to the right to download.


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