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An SM&CR Case Study

Global Risk Partners (GRP) is a UK insurance intermediary group of businesses delivering local and specialist insurance services. Since launching in 2013 GRP has continued to grow rapidly and now controls over £700m premium as one of the top independent insurance intermediaries in the UK.

The group comprises:
  •  A national network of insurance brokers focused on delivering an expert, personal service to their clients.
  • Leading Lloyd’s and London market brokers Lonmar and Ropner which operate in the global, speciality insurance and reinsurance markets.
  • An Underwriting Division distributing specialist products via partnerships with over 2000 UK insurance brokers.


GRP selects Actus Comply as SM&CR solution

GRP has a uniquely effective business model, which enables rapid growth through new acquisitions. However, this innovative approach also brought specific challenges when the extended SM&CR regime was announced, as the GRP acquisition model is one of minimum disruption. This meant that they had 35 individual legal entities in November 2018 and this continued to increase during 2019.

Of course, as part of the SM&CR regime, each entity has to be managed and reported on separately which would be a huge administrative burden without the right software and was one of the first reasons that GRP turned to Actus Comply.

Being a company built of many entities meant that there was no consistent approach to HR policies including performance management and as a company of almost 1,500 people it was clearly time to streamline and harmonise. An activity that could only be done with the help of a simple but effective software system.

“There is significant complexity to rolling out SM&CR within GRP and Actus Comply is able to manage this without overcomplicating things. Additionally, the Actus team are collaborative and flexible ready to provide the support we need when we need it.” Craig Pocock, Group HR Director. 

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The benefits of the SM&CR Software

Actus Comply brings a number of advantages to GRP. Firstly, it provides scalable functionality to simply, but effectively manage and report on SM&CR over multiple legal entities.

Secondly, it will provide the ability and visibility for GRP to manage Certification and Conduct reviews across the Group.

Because Actus originated as a performance management solution there is the additional future benefit of additional streamlining by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for HR performance management and SM&CR compliance.