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Actus Comply is a highly effective SEAR and SMCR software solution. Designed  in partnership with clients in the financial services industry  this purpose-built compliance module manages assigning and tracking responsibilities with a full audit trail; clear reporting and a host of value-add features.

How Actus Comply enables SMCR & SEAR compliance in the UK and Republic of Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) has now confirmed that it will be following the lead of the Financial Services Authority (FCA) in the UK by introducing a stringent individual accountability framework (IAF) for improved regulation of the financial services sector. Actus Comply was developed in 2018 to meet the requirements of the SM&CR regime in the UK and now helps more than 10,000 users certificate their Fitness and Probity annually as well as protecting Senior Managers in the UK and those with PCF roles in Ireland to manage, track and report on their responsibilities. Whether in the UK or Ireland, Actus Comply protects senior managers with a clear digital audit trail of responsibilities and reasonable steps and makes it fast and simple to provide reporting on demand that meets the requirements of the FCA or CBI.

Actus IAF Comply

Remove the risks associated with manual systems by using Actus IAF Comply designed to streamline and automate Fitness and Probity management and Certification

  • Simplify and automate Fitness and Probity (F&P) management
  • Streamline the Certification process.
  • Ready to go F&P templates that incorporate the various Conduct standards applicable to different roles.
  • Customisable templates to meet firm specific requirements
  • Centrally capture and document CPD together with qualifications.
  • Simple, real-time tracking and reporting of Accredited Persons.

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Actus SEAR Protect

Provide a robust digital audit trail of Responsibilities allocated to those in Controlled Functions. Protect those in PCF and Senior Management roles through clear documentation of Reasonable Steps. Feel confident that point in time reporting on ownership of responsibilities, org charts or non compliance is available 24/7 and can be exported in a format suitable for the CBI. It includes everything within Actus IAF Comply supplemented with:

  • Ability to digitally assign & accept PCF responsibilities.
  • Full point in time audit trail
  • Protect those in PCF roles through documentation of Reasonable Steps
  • Extensive reporting which is CBI ready.
  • Statement of Responsibility reporting
  • Organisation Responsibility Maps

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Actus Essential SM&CR

Designed to specifically meet the needs of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime providing the accountability, visibility and reporting that is required to ensure that regulatory compliance can be demonstrated with confidence.

  • Ensure Prescribed and granular Responsibilities are clearly allocated and ALWAYS accepted.
  • FCA ready Statements of Responsibility and reporting inc. Org Chart & Committees
  • Simple, real-time tracking and reporting of accredited persons.
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Actus Absolute SM&CR

Designed meet the requirements of the SM&CR regime It includes everything within Actus Essential SM&CR supplemented with:

  • Demonstrate a complete history of Responsibility allocation.
  • Automated identification and flag non-compliance
  • Protect Senior Managers through documentation of Reasonable Steps
  • Automated Certification & Conduct Management

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Actus Perform

Actus Perform offers a range of add on modules from performance management and appraisal through to Learning and Talent Management that can be added on to provide one fully integrated and cost effective HR and Compliance platform.

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