The 1:1 Diet, originally known as The Cambridge Diet, was launched in the UK in 1984 and has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and live healthier, happier lives. In 2014, the company became employee owned and a member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA). They won the Employee Owned Business of the Year Award 2019 for their dedication and commitment to empowering employees. This case study is based on a conversation with Suzanne Coker the Learning and Development Specialist

How did the partnership with Actus start?

Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) were looking at a better way to manage performance across its 250 employees, the current manual process wasn’t being used in an effective way, nor was it linked to development. Typically the mid and end of year reviews were treated as a tick box exercise rather than giving true value to both the business and the employee.

After an in-depth review of various HR systems Cambridge Weight Plan selected Actus Software as they could see the benefits of an all-round performance management software that would provide a simplified, easier process whilst bring reporting and consistency across the business.

Implementation Support

At the time of implementing Actus, CWP had also purchased a specific system for their consultants which needed to be launched within similar timescales, although this rollout went less smoothly. Suzanne explained:

“The difference in implementation experience between the two suppliers couldn’t be wider. I was very thankful for the Actus team and how easy they’ve made it for me, they’ve been very responsive and the team explained everything really well”

Suzanne explained how clear the implementation support, user guides, and all supporting tool were as it enabled the business to get up and running really quickly and effectively.

“I think it’s a very user-friendly system and very intuitive, and I’ve used other systems before so that did help, but the way that the engagement has been with Sophie and Swagata, nothing was too much trouble. I can’t thank them enough for their support and how easy they’ve made it for me”

Actus is likely to bring additional future value to CWP as they roll it out to its full potential, including real time reporting, driving engagement and managing development.

Exceptional user uptake

When they launched Actus, Suzanne was really pleased with the early feedback from key stakeholders. They reported that they found the system particularly intuitive because everything was in one place which meant that they didn’t have to think too much. As a result, users got more engaged in the training, asking lots of questions and this resulted in great buy in and user uptake.

She went onto share a specific example in relation to a manager who was responsible for over 80 staff. They had been discussing the forthcoming reviews when he casually mentioned that his were completed. Suzanne explained: “We were able to share screens on teams and review Actus together, which demonstrated how easily he had got on board with it. that’s a really good indicator of how everybody’s experience with Actus will be

Year-round engagement

Previously at CWP, the processes existed but were predominantly manual with each manager taking a different approach. Typically, employees would then approach the reviews as a tick box task rather than gaining any value and engagement. Suzanne pointed out how Actus was helping to change this approach, by encouraging them to upload documents if they’ve had a particular success with their objectives. Equally, if they’ve had good feedback through e-mail or communication, they can upload it ready for the end of year review.

Suzanne makes the link between this increased ownership in the process which makes people feel more be engaged. This in turn affects how well they do, improves their relationship with stakeholders and line managers and their ratings.

Actus provides the ability to have overall visibility, review high level overviews together with details supporting people performance and talent development. The system also enables the business to have increased consistency with the ability to tailor specific forms for business areas as required.

Actus & Future outlook

Following training the leadership team are engaged with Actus CEO said, “Actus is fully supported from the leadership team, we recognise that we have some challenges with our operational stuff that don’t have access to a computer all the time, but if we can get 80% of people on this it would be fantastic”

Looking to the future and how Cambridge Weight Plan continue to maximise their investment, they’ve just started to scope the question templates and selectively use the Actus 360 module, whilst driving engagement using the enquire feature.



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