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Making Sense of Organisational Development

Most of us have heard of Learning and Development, but organisational development can seem a little less clear cut. Although often grouped with HR, in reality organisational development is an entirely different topic. We think it is time to de-mystify this topic and identify the practical steps that can help you to develop an organisational development strategy in your business.

The CIPD define organisation development (OD) as a ‘planned and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisational performance through the involvement of it’s people.’ Behind this definition lies a depth of research and practice, but also confusion, because that doesn’t actually provide a explanation of what organisational development really is. We have created this white paper to try and explain to businesses like you what organisational development is, what it can do, and how it can help you.

Organisational development is likely to include:

  1. Changing the strategy, structure, skills, behaviours, or way of working within an organisation (either completely, or in part) in order to better meet or align with the overall strategic goals of the business
  2. Using accepted theory and practice around how people behave in organisations to enable change in a manner that is sustainable and effective, e.g. focusing on leadership behaviours or group dynamics
  3. Defining, managing, and implementing behavioural and cultural change to support business goals
  4. Aligning or developing the skills of those within the organisation to meet current or future requirements, e.g. striving for a high performance culture or staff with a greater technical skillset to meet market demands

To find out more about what ‘OD Intervention’ is, how OD fits in with HR and how you can implement OD in your organisation download the rest of this whitepaper and start de-mystifying this topic.

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