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I’ve got an underperformer…get them out of here!

Dealing with underperformers

At some point in their careers, most managers will have the challenge of dealing with underperformers. Clearly it isn’t acceptable to get them to eat creepy crawlies in order to “Get them out of here!” – however much you may feel like it at the time. Often managers do not find out that they have hired an underperformer until it is far too late, and managing someone out of a business can be expensive, litigious, and it isn’t fun for anyone.

However, no one joins a business in order to underperform – not that we know of anyway! What if this underperformance could be prevented through clear onboarding, goal setting and coaching along the way. In fact, what if the manager is the cause of the problem, or the individual just needs more support or clarity?

In fact, there are many causes of underperformance and this paper explains a number of them. It highlights how you can diagnose the root cause of the issue and deal with it or in an ideal world, prevent the underperformance happening in the first place. If you would like to understand more about dealing with underperformers in your team (without relegating them to the jungle!) then you can access this paper and all the others in our Resources area by filling out the short contact form to the right.

At Actus, we offer more than just white papers and great software, we also have a team of Organisational Development Consultants who would be happy to provide further guidance if you wish to contact us directly.

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