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7 Habits of Highly Effective People Managers

Information overload, declining staff numbers, and relentless pressure to get more from less; more than ever, our businesses need highly effective people managers.

With the pressures on managers today, is it any wonder that the average manager feels overwhelmed with more work than time? The natural reaction to these circumstances from most managers is to put their heads down and focus on task over people. However, this short term approach can be counterproductive at least and possibly even damaging to morale, performance and ultimately lead to attrition. Businesses with effective people managers have greater productivity, higher engagement and are ultimately more profitable, evidence suggests 20% or more. So, focusing on task at the expense of focusing on people could very well be costing your business money, and this could easily be solved by training up highly effective people managers!

When I am working with managers, I frequently ask them to identify their top 5 priorities at work. If you were to ask yourself that same question, what immediately comes to mind? It is amazing how low down the list people management activities typically come to mind for many in management positions – and this can be fatal! As a manager of people, it is important to recognise that one of the key priorities in your role is to achieve results through your support and guidance of others. By making it a habit to embed feedback, and including other performance management activities within your daily routine, you will be able to focus and engage your people, which will save you time in the long run and will also help to deliver increased results.

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