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Webinar: Virtual Performance Management for Line Managers

This virtual performance management webinar was conducted by the CEO of Actus Software and host of the HR Uprising Podcast, Lucinda Carney. This is a part of our series of webinars to help provide opportunities for self-development whilst the majority of the UK workforce is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. Certainly, this particular webinar focuses on the types of management skills we need to achieve sustained virtual high performance. In order to access this resource, you will need to fill out your details on this page.

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Furthermore, if you are really serious about honing your remote management skills then why not attend our Virtual Management Training Programme? This course consists of 4 modules that provide the tools for managers to successfully navigate virtual people management by covering key topics such as well-being, trust, and motivation and how to handle underperformance within a virtual environment. To find out more about our popular training programme, click on the button below.

Virtual Management Training

Performance Management Resources

Finally, part of our ethos is to help build a better workplace for people, whatever their location. We achieve this through great performance management software, the HR Uprising Podcast, and a variety of free thought leadership resources. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about this topic, you can find some additional resources using the buttons below.

E-Book: Virtual People and Performance Management

Infographic: Dramatic survey results reveal the impact of Remote People Management

Blog: The importance of human connection in remote performance management

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