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Adapting to the new challenges of a hybrid workplace

This webinar was conducted by the CEO of Actus Software and host of the HR Uprising Podcast, Lucinda Carney. This webinar focuses on how we need to adapt to the new challenges of management within a hybrid workplace. While many of the principles outlined in this webinar are the same as the more traditional management practice, there is no doubt that the frequency, tone, and emphasis has had to change when managing people remotely. It is also a fact that many managers hadn’t been adequately trained in the skill of people or performance management in a face-to-face environment. Therefore, the nuances of managing people remotely, with or without the additional strains of a pandemic have been a challenge.

As a result, we know that some businesses have thrived while others have struggled and there is likely to be a long-term impact on mental health in the workplace which in term will impact individual and business performance. Not only this but adapting to a hybrid workplace has raised other potential concerns. One among them, is the question of fairness, as it’s difficult for companies to expect everyone to return to the office, but in some departments, it may be necessary for some to return. How can the two workforces, both those in the office and at home, be treated fairly? Will those in the office benefit from the visibility of their work?

Join our recorded webinar to find out more about how to overcome these challenges, and why not also take a look at our additional resources below?

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