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Supporting Employee Wellbeing through Change

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has put a disproportionate strain on HR professionals. In many ways, HR has risen to the challenge. There have been and continue to be so many conflicting challenges for the profession as HR has to represent the best interests of both the business and the individual in the midst of changing working circumstances and new legislation. However, the sheer pace of change brought on by this crisis may well have left little time for self-care or recharging our own batteries. As a result, some people are left suffering from burnout and are in dire need of some TLC. Unfortunately, as many of us are still working at least partly remotely, those suffering from burnout are not immediately apparent as we are less able to see the visual clues. So, how can we support our own wellbeing and that of our employees? And how can we make sure we identify those who are ‘suffering in silence?

Although these slides were taken from a webinar held in May 2020, they provide relevant tips on supporting employee wellbeing and highlight potential warning signs of wellbeing deterioration.

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