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Conducting an employee engagement survey can be a method to gather data on how your teams are actually feeling and what’s important to them. It’s a very simple way of assessing whether your employees are engaged or demotivated.

But what is engagement? Engagement can be defined in 3 ways;

  1. as an attitude which drives behaviour
  2. a process
  3. a positive outcome for your organisation

Are your teams engaged?

Engagement as an attitude drives loyalty towards company values or a willingness to go the extra mile. As a process, it is a structured and best practice approach to people and performance management such as setting clear objectives, regular feedback and review and ongoing support through coaching. Individual outcomes include increased clarity, motivation and a sense of being valued leading to higher performance, increased ownership, innovation and continuous improvement. Organisational outcomes are many but all result in increased productivity.

You can construct an employee engagement survey using questions that incorporate some of the standard drivers of engagement including; job role, pay and benefits, development, working environment and how they feel about their leadership teams. It allows a forum for open and honest feedback. If done anonymously it can also be perceived by the employee as a safe environment and that you as a company value their input and opinions.

Analysing the data will allow you to identify what you are doing well and those areas that require improvement. You can formulate plans to address the areas that require more attention, set up reviews of progress and ensure that you communicate changes to manage your staff’s expectations.

Employee engagement is directly linked to a company’s results, whether financial or productivity, so it’s important to ensure you act upon the feedback you receive.

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