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One of the reasons why Actus stands out from other providers of performance management software is down to the wrap-around training and consultancy services made available to our clients. Actus Consultancy supports clients whether they are embarking on a large scale culture transformation project or simply looking to move their existing appraisal process online.

Our specialist consultants can help to quickly identify requirements and build compelling cases for change and investment. They are available to provide guidance on the optimum solution to meet the needs of the organisation. They will also provide best practice information and communication advice to help successfully embed the new software and behaviours throughout the organisation to ensure a high uptake and engagement.

Offering our clients the breadth of consultancy services we do stems from CEO of Actus, Lucinda Carney’s passion for making a difference and helping those within the HR, O.D. and L&D community to rise up and be counted, by delivering lasting value from change.

Lucinda has also developed a growing range of tools and resources to help HR professionals to become ‘HR Change Agents’ and to become part of the ‘HR Uprising’ community to deliver a lasting return on investment. To find out more about this community, why not visit The HR Uprising website, listen to The HR Uprising Podcast and join the LinkedIn community.

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Our Actus Consultancy Services

Our goal at Actus is to support our HR colleagues in achieving more. Lucinda also continues to develop a host of free HR Resources and a range of Consultancy and Training Services.  Some of our most popular Consultancy offerings are outlined below but we do understand that every client’s needs are different so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your specific challenge.

Developing the business case for change

Helping you to identify the business benefits of any system or culture change and determining a realistic business plan with tangible Return on Investment metrics that will convince stakeholders of the potential value. Making you a highly credible part of the #HRUprising

Organisational Development Strategy

Members of the #HRUprising need to have a credible vision and strategy that is aligned with the needs of the business. Sometimes this is difficult to do ourselves so this session includes a half day diagnostic and results in a ‘Strategy on a Page’ outcome that will help you clearly communicate your vision to the business and gain buy-in.

Establishing Board Vision and Goals

It is remarkable how often we work with clients who want everyone to have clear goals and objectives, yet they haven’t set or agreed on any at the top. This is by far and away our most frequently requested pro bono session. It requires the top team to get around the table for at least 4 hours with flip charts, Post-it notes and a highly flexible #HRUprising facilitator. The resulting clarity and focus benefit the whole organisation, top-down.

Business Psychology Services

To be effective members of the #HRUprising we need to understand the wants, needs and motivations of our internal clients. We offer a range of Evidence-based business psychology services that can support you with this. These range from Competency or 360 questionnaire development; personality diagnostics and conflict resolution to Assessment for development services and much more.

Business Healthcheck

Effective members of the #HRUprising need to understand the strengths and development requirements of their organisations in order to prioritise areas for change and investment. The Business Healthcheck provides personalised analysis and consultancy that will give clarity about ‘As is’ and enable you to measure progress towards the ‘To be’. The outputs of the Healthcheck are written up in a report with specific guidance and recommendations for next steps.

Appraisal process re-design

Of course we help with this! Most organisations invest in an online appraisal system in order to deliver some kind of results. It could be to encourage greater performance, more meaningful conversations or more focus on behaviours. Our #HRUprising engagement consultants help every Actus client to align and configure Actus to match your cultural and strategic goals. We understand that these may evolve over time so are happy to work with your internal #HRChangeAgent to tweak along the way.

Single sign on and active directory integration

OK let’s be honest this isn’t traditional #HRUprising territory – we are more people change than systems change, however, we recognise that making systems quick and easy to access can be a really important way of removing resistance to change. Our technical development team are masters in ensuring the technology is as easy to access as possible.

Leadership Coaching

To be a member of the #HRUprising we need to be able to work with and through other change leaders to deliver lasting results. Leadership Coaching can be an invaluable way of ensuring that those in key roles have the self-awareness and personal skills to lead change and get the best out of their team.

“Become an HR Change Agent and join the HR Uprising to inspire, engage and accelerate positive change”. Lucinda Carney, Business Psychologist. 

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