Why Performance Management?


Actus is a web based, exceptionally easy to use performance appraisal system. It empowers your team, focuses resource and ultimately drives your business results.

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About us

Actus Appraisal system

More than just an appraisal system, Actus increases business productivity, engages staff, improves compliance, is easy to use and UK based.

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In the Press and on the Case

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Read all about us: click below for press articles, awards & client case studies. Team Actus is spreading the performance management word and gathering business evidence.

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Easy Online Appraisals

Actus Performance Management System Lite

With actions and targets recorded, Actus improves data protection and makes audit easy. Our new Small Business Edition is easy to use and can be ready to go in 24 hours.

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Welcome to Actus Performance Management Software.  It is easy to use and purpose built for business performance, increasing productivity, employee engagement and better compliance.


The introduction of the on-line performance management system helped us to achieve our business targets for 2 years in incredibly difficult times.  I believe that this has become one of our essential IT systems that genuinely drives management behaviours and business performance and continues to be an excellent investment. ”   Graham Walker, Managing Director, IT & Telecoms company..


About Our Clients



Actus performance management software can also lower risk & increase compliance

  • It can help you retain talent – average cost of attrition of 1 person based on a salary of £35,000; considering lost productivity; recruitment time and costs; training and induction @ £45,000
  • It saves you time – average cost of HR and administrative time running and collating paper based systems for up to 100 people £4,800
  • It promotes clarity & transparency – average cost for an employer to defend themselves at a tribunal (regardless of whether they win or not) £14,500
  • It is so much more secure than paper – fines for data protection breaches £500 up to £500,000
  • It costs less than many companies spend per month on loo roll – average spend per month, per head on miscellaneous stationery in a company of 1000 employees £18.00




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Euro Cloud finalist 2013

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FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards Runner Up Business Innovation

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