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We help organisations increase productivity, profitability and employee engagement by focusing on year round performance management using Actus™, an award winning, cloud based software solution designed to remove the labour of a paper driven appraisal process and provide you with management information at the touch of a button.

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Business Benefits

Business Benefits

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Why Actus™?

Why Actus™?

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Key Features

Key Features

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Rebecca Jones

HR Project Lead

The software was so intuitive we thought it would get the best take up from staff. The Advance Change offering was more of a "work with you" approach.

Claire Harrowing

HR Manager

We found the system really easy to use and knew that even staff who could not use a computer would be able to cope with it.

Steve Graham

HR Director / NELCSU

The support offered by the team has been superb. We feel like we are partnered with you.

Cat Carpenter

Head of OD

Actus scored highly as the most cost effective, intuitive, user friendly system, focused on year round performance management practice.

Susan Laycock

HR Director

Actus ticked all our boxes as well as a few we didn't know we had until we saw what the system could do.

What makes Actus™ different

from other Performance Management Software?

Actus™ Performance Management Software has been purpose built to encourage year round performance management conversations. Unlike traditional performance management software, Actus™ has been designed by HR experts to be intuitive and user friendly turning the annual appraisal process from a tick box exercise into a set of meaningful and engaging conversations that can take place all year round. Better still we are a UK business run by Organisational Development experts who provide full training and personal support in embedding culture change – all part of the service!

Embed Excellence

Catalyst for Culture Change

Simple and intuitive
users love it
Specialist design and features
to embed ongoing management of performance
Catalyst for culture change
increasing employee engagement, productivity & ultimately profitability
UK support & consultancy
partnering with you through implementation and beyond

How does Actus™ Performance Management Software

support engagement?

It is well documented that employee engagement drives a host of positive outcomes from productivity and performance management software improves engagementprofitability to increased safety and talent retention. What is less clear for many is how to drive engagement forward as opposed to just measuring it. When you analyse the evidence, engagement is driven by the quality and frequency of your people and performance management activities; things like establishing clarity through clear objectives and giving regular feedback on performance. Also, providing opportunities to learn & grow and feeling understood and valued as an individual. This should be part of the annual performance management cycle but the problem for many organisations is that their appraisal process makes this far from engaging. This is why we developed Actus™ Performance Management Software to be different from other systems by encouraging year round performance management conversations.