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Delivering Change


‘70% of Change Initiatives fail due to People Issues’


This was a compelling headline usually attributed to McKinsey almost 20 years ago; although there have been similar claims since. Unfortunately, this statistic seems to have been repeated over the years with little significant improvement. Respected industry bodies such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes Magazine continue to reinforce the claim that large scale change still isn’t delivering the kind of value that it was put in place to achieve. So why is delivering organisational change so difficult?

In his 1995 book, ‘Leading Change‘, Dr John Kotter explains what he believes to be the cause of many problems associated with transformation. He believed that many issues were caused by managers treating the change as an event rather than a process. This means that rushing a stage or even skipping one altogether is likely to reduce momentum or even derail the change.

All too often in large organisations a ‘change initiative’ involves little more than a couple of e-mails from senior managers; resulting in little to no effective change. This lack of buy-in is a common resistant force. Therefore, in this white paper, we explore this and other common resistant forces to change to enable you to remove these obstacles through the use of Kotter’s 8 Step Change Process.

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