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Remote Working Resources

Due to the on-going impact of Covid-19, many organisations have made the switch to remote working out of necessity. Certainly, this virtual environment often poses challenges of its own, from work/life balance, internet connectivity issues, Zoom fatigue, and more. All of these can impede productivity, which begs the question: How can we maintain (or even increase) the momentum of our organisations, to help them thrive through this difficult period? Well, we have a number of remote working resources that we have put together to help both managers and employees power through. To make these resources more readily available, we have put together this flyer with direct links to all of our remote working resources.

Resources included:

  • 3 x Infographics
  • 1 x E-Book
  • 3 x Webinars
  • 3 x Blogs
  • 1 x Virtual Management Podcast Playlist
  • 3 x Podcasts

Performance Management Resources

Finally, to access this resource you will need to fill out your details on the form to the right of this page. In addition, you may be interested to know that we run regular bi-weekly webinars on a variety of HR topics. Why not take a look at our upcoming webinars using the button below?

At Actus, we offer more than free HR resources and great performance management software! We also have a team of organisational development consultants who are on-hand to help meet your requirements for culture change. In addition, if you would like to find out more about this service, why not get in touch by contacting us here.

Upcoming Webinars

The HR Uprising Podcast

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