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Virtual People Management Software

We understand how important it is to be able to provide structure, clarity, and support to remote workers, particularly in times of uncertainty or rapid change. Actus offers virtual people management software to help you and your people make a smooth transition to managing and working remotely.

Actus can be used alongside video or audio collaboration technology to enable you and your team to focus on key priorities and track progress. Employees are empowered to document progress against key actions giving managers the visibility and peace of mind that goals are still being delivered remotely. This provides the space and accountability for everyone to continue to perform regardless of location.

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If you are looking to introduce virtual people management for the first time, we can advise you on the best configuration and provide specific training that will support your organisation in introducing it positively.

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Actus Virtual People Management Features

Track goals, milestones and KPI's

  • Maximise productivity by clarifying priorities
  • Increase focus with short-term goals and milestones
  • Empower individuals to demonstrate their outputs

Create Structure with Virtual 121's

  • Provide structure and normality with virtual 121's
  • Support wellbeing through structured person-centric agendas
  • Standardise and professionalise virtual people management activities

Visibility of Remote Talent

  • Capture the skills and qualifications of your remote talent pool
  • Search for key skills or talents within your key workers
  • Develop virtual project teams or talent pools to deliver business goals

Recognise Positive Behaviours

  • Maintain morale by recognising continued productivity and a job well done
  • Empower a positive virtual feedback culture throughout the business
  • Enable virtual teams to recognise each other's contribution

Promote Self-Development

  • Encourage continuing professional development whilst working remotely
  • Give individual accountability for self-development
  • Maintain and report on the status of key qualifications

Visibility of Performance

  • Peace of mind through visibility of activity and productivity
  • Ability to spot managers or individuals who are struggling and provide support
  • Maintain productivity and business as usual whatever the circumstances