CDS Cooperatives

Linda Wallace - Chief Executive

"We are a small organisation working in the not for profit sector. We have had a fantastic experience in working with Actus™. The introduction to the product and the support was excellent. The product itself is easy to use and 'light', having worked with other systems that felt cumbersome, this was a delight."

Millbrook Proving Ground

Claire Harrowing - HR Manager

"We found the system really easy to use and knew that even staff who could not confidently use a computer would be able to cope with it."

Incommunities Group Ltd

Susan Laycock - HR Director

"Actus™ ticked all our boxes, as well as a few we didn't know we had until we saw what the system could do."

Arden & GEM Clinical Commissioning Support Unit (NHS)

Cat Carpenter - Head of OD

"Actus™ scored highly as the most cost effective, intuitive, user friendly system, focused on year round performance management practice."

NEL Commissioning Support Unit (NHS)

Steve Graham - Head of HR

"The support offered by the team has been superb.  We feel like we are partnered with you."

Scorpio Shipping Group

Paul Hayes – Head of HR

"We selected Actus™ as our online performance appraisal system because it ticked all our boxes and a few that we didn’t even realise that we had until we saw the system. It was clear that it had been designed by people who understood HR."

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals Trust

Kevin Croft - Director of People & Organisational Development

"Actus™ has allowed us to modernise our performance appraisal process and educate our managers in how to manage performance consistently across the globe. The training and guidance provided by the Actus™ team has been very positively received and we continue to work closely and in partnership."

University Campus Suffolk

Rik Bond - Staff Development Coordinator

"We went through a thorough evaluation process when selecting an online performance appraisal tool. Actus™ stood out for it’s simplicity and ease of use, we knew that users would find it really intuitive. We really wanted a system that would help us to embed better quality conversations all year round and we feel we have found that with Actus™."


What is Actus™?


Features of a Performance Management System


Benefits of using online appraisals

Many businesses are currently operating paper or in house performance management and appraisal systems, when this is the status quo there can seem little reason to change. The system works OK, albeit there is a disproportionate emphasis on admin and paper-chasing but in recent times, reducing administration has not been seen as a compelling reason to invest. Add to this fact, the essential focus on the bottom line encouraging short term behaviours and focus, a move that is even slightly more strategic in terms of HR can be overlooked. ...