As Academies, Colleges and Universities become more accountable and business-focused Vice Chancellors, Presidents and Managing Directors of these Institutions need to be able to monitor and evidence performance against targets and objectives. Old fashioned paper or sharepoint based performance reviews are not suitable for enabling the kind of accountability and culture change that is required to deliver this. Actus Software facilitates improved visibility, accountability and focus through its easy to use interface and interactive graphical dashboards and reporting.

The configurability of the Software further helps by enabling different forms for performance reviews to be developed for Academic and Non Academic staff while supporting a consistent process. In addition to the more mainstream Actus features, clients in the Education Sector have also been able to use Actus Software to support Academic Supervision; Student Survey & Feedback and to report on Academic Research. Many Higher Education Institutions are looking to achieve culture change and our consultants are experienced with delivering this, even in a complex HR environment.

Technically, integration in terms of Single Sign On and security tend to be high priority to our Higher Education Clients and we are confident in our ability to deliver both of these aspects to meet your requirements.

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Actus Performance Management Software offers more standard features than our competitors. It is designed to reduce the ‘tickbox’ mentality, eradicate clunky paper-based processes and introduce a consistent performance management approach. This results in increased employee engagement, productivity and supports the development of quality people performance processes resulting in cultural transformation.

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Learning Management

Effectively create, edit and manage e-learning content that is seamlessly linked to performance management practices within your organisation.

Talent Management

Manage the Talent Journey for all your employees in one place. Encourage a smooth succession process, identify your future leaders and plan development for key groups of employees.

360 Feedback

Select this powerful tool to enable you to conduct a variety of multi-source feedback requirements that fit seamlessly into your organisation.


Provide a streamlined pre-boarding and onboarding journey to ensure new employees have a positive start within your organisation.


Manage your employee data all in one place with this simple yet highly configurable functionality. Store and report on key personnel details.


Clarify key responsibilities and report on compliance against these obligations to external professional bodies if required. Deliver confidence and assurance with SM&CR.

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