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Many of these organisations have invested in Certification like Investors in People yet acknowledge that maintaining awards and best practice requires the correct systems and processes in place. They have found that a performance appraisal system like Actus can be enormously helpful in automating the process and embedding the right management behaviours.

Embedding organisational values is often a high priority to our customers in Local Government and Housing and Actus performance appraisal system is designed to support this, ensuring the right cultural fit. Value for money is essential in this sector and hey highly rate the additional functionality that is included free of charge like the Actus Recognition Module which brings their organisational values to life and encourages a sincere recognition culture without the need to invest in gimmicky and unaffordable reward schemes.

The versatility and configurability of Actus performance appraisal system is also a real advantage in these sectors as the system can be adapted to meet the needs of all workers from Refuse Collectors or Cleaners to Chief Execs. There is no need for a ‘one size fits all’ approach so appraisal forms can be adapted to suit the user groups and Actus can even accommodate team-based appraisals or objectives setting.

Finally, our Local Government and Housing Association customers really appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak to a real person, in real time and love the personalised service that we are able to provide.

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Actus Performance Management Software offers more standard features than our competitors. It is designed to reduce the ‘tickbox’ mentality, eradicate clunky paper-based processes and introduce a consistent performance management approach. This results in increased employee engagement, productivity and supports the development of quality people performance processes resulting in cultural transformation.

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Talent Management

Engaged employees feel they have a future within an organisation and can be retained and motivated by feeling their aspirations are taken seriously and can be fulfilled.


Regular feedback against objectives has been shown to encourage high performance and recognition drives engagement. Actus puts feedback at the centre of the appraisal process with a range of feedback options.


Setting and monitoring SMART objectives that are aligned with business goals gives clarity and focus. Actus offers the facility to add, edit and review performance against objectives throughout the year.

One to One Meetings

Regular 1 to 1’s are a key part of ongoing performance management, turning Actus from an appraisal system into an essential management tool.

Personal Development

Actus enables the identification and tracking of development and training needs as well as increasing compliance by tracking and reporting on key qualifications and Continuing Professional Development.


Any ongoing performance management process needs to be supported by aligned appraisal templates. Actus offers the facility to have one or many templates.