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Managing Underperformance in a virtual world

This webinar was conducted by the CEO of Actus Software and host of the HR Uprising Podcast, Lucinda Carney. This comes as part of our new series of webinars to help provide opportunities for self-development whilst the majority of the UK workforce was in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. This particular webinar focuses on how we can manage underperformance in this virtual world, both within HR and for departmental Line Managers.

The lack of visibility caused by the world being forced suddenly into working remotely has created an undercurrent of concern about underperformance for some businesses. However, others believe that performance and productivity have increased. So, has managing underperformance become more difficult in this virtual world?

Truthfully, it should make little difference. The reality is in a traditional working environment, the physical proximity of staff often camouflages underperformance issues. By remote working, we no longer have the ‘red herring’ appearances of looking busy, thereby revealing the underlying performance issues that were already there. As a result, now has to be the time for all people managers to focus on developing the skills that are needed to get the best out of their people, wherever they work and this is largely about clear, courageous conversations.

Certainly, at some point in our career whether working virtually or otherwise, most managers will experience the unwanted challenge of dealing with a persistent underperformer. Furthermore, managing someone out of a business can be expensive, litigious and it isn’t fun for anyone. Therefore, in this webinar, we look at how to identify the root issue of the underperfomance. We do this by using the CISS model (Clarity, Individual, Skill, Surroundings). Above all, our webinar delves into practical tips and real-life scenarios you can use to overcome these challenges. So, why not take a look?

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