What is a Talent Management Strategy?

A Talent Management Strategy shows how the business strategy and/or key improvisational goals are aligned with internal people-related drivers and activities. This maximises the chance of creating synergies and positive results in both areas.

Themes that fit into Talent Management may include: Employee engagement; Recruitment models and retention strategies; Role profiling to measure or develop key skills e.g. technical or leadership competence; Performance Management; Learning & Development including Management & Leadership skill development and succession planning. In short, a Talent Management Strategy is all about aligning systems and processes to recruit the best people then manage, develop and retain them.

Why is it valuable?

It’s valuable because it shows the relationship between strategic business or improvisational outcomes and people initiatives. This can give them the chance to be taken seriously and demonstrate real value by preventing them from being devalued when time or budget pressures arise.

It helps the whole organisation understand the purpose of certain people-orientated initiatives which make them more compelling and meaningful, e.g. Employee engagement isn’t just about how happy people are; we want to measure and improve it because it has been proven to correlate with improved business and organisational outcomes.

Key Learning Outcomes

So, how do we develop a Talent Management Strategy? Well, find out in this webinar!

In this webinar, our CEO, Lucinda Carney, will aim to clarify the following:

  • What do we even mean by Talent Management?
  • How to avoid common pitfalls when establishing a Talent Management Strategy
  • Developing a Talent Management Strategy in 5 easy steps.
  • Challenge ourselves to think differently around talent.

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