How to Prioritise Self-Care Worksheet

Knowing what and how to prioritise can be a real challenge…all too often we put our own needs last which can be counterproductive. This resource has been designed by Lucinda Carney, our founder, CEO and of course host of the popular HR Uprising Podcast. She has been educating people for a number of years on the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s of how to prioritise. But even she freely admits that she doesn’t always get it right herself. If you haven’t listened to the HRUprising Podcast episode on this you can access it here as it will bring a deeper understanding to both prioritisation and why we should all think hard about our own self-care.

What is included in this worksheet?

The worksheet is simple to use on your own or you are welcome to share with colleagues or even family and friends. We start by getting you to think about what is important to you personally and professionally. Therefore, we can encourage you to diagnose the extent to which these different priorities are in balance. In addition to this, we also cover the Time Management Matrix made famous by Stephen Covey which is a really helpful tool when focusing on how to prioritise all aspects of your life effectively.

Included are some examples of what works and what doesn’t; helping you to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important. There is also a list of reflective questions that you can use to plan your next steps. The key is to remember that your own self-care is important. We need to learn to prioritise self-care if we are going to achieve our goals at work and at home. We hope you find it really useful!

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