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Influence Change

Most of us have experienced change being ‘done’ to us – badly. It really doesn’t have to be that way! In this infographic, we display 6 ways in which you can influence change within your organisation. Doing nothing is not an option, but it’s more than telling people to change. You have to be strategic about how you approach them so that they can see the benefits. Discover how you can legitimately persuade people to rally beside you and to embrace change!

Change Superhero Toolkit

This is a part of the Change Superhero Toolkit, specially made for aspiring Change Superheroes. This also supports the content within the book ‘How to be a Change Superhero‘ written by CEO of Actus Software, Lucinda Carney. It is for people who want to stand up and make a difference igniting and inspiring successful change but don’t know where to start.

Performance Management Resources

To access this resource you will need to fill out your details on this page. Part of our ethos is to help build a better workplace for people. We achieve this through great performance management software, a variety of learning solutions, the HR Uprising Podcast, and free thought leadership resources.

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