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Organisations can no longer afford to hold on to the traditional mindsets and methods for organisational development. To build and maintain a successful organisation requires finding your place on the learning maturity curve and creating a plan to enable your workforce to evolve into a high performing, people-centric entity. Actus Learning can help you to achieve this.

Our goal is to create tailored Actus Learning performance management programmes that enable senior executives and management to deliver, coach, drive and sustain, both individual and team optimum performance, to achieve outstanding results.

If you want best in class software, training and support and to feel like more than a number with your HR software supplier…

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Actus Learning Management Modules

We offer a number of options for training both in-house and remotely.

Module 1: Getting Started

This module is about helping managers to understand and buy into the benefits of using Actus. The Actus system is introduced with individuals getting ‘hands-on’ to set SMART objectives and 121’sFind out more.

Module 2: Feedback & Coaching

This module reviews and applies proven best practice coaching and feedback tools and techniques enabling managers to effectively coach their team members to recognise and develop the required skills and behaviours that increase performance. Find out more.

Module 3: Quality Appraisals

This module is recommended for delivery at either mid or end of the year depending on your organisation’s performance cycle and helps with the planning stage of preparing for a quality appraisal. Find out more.

Module 4 : Maximising Performance

This module enables those who manage people to deliver high performance and drive motivation and engagement for our high, average and under-performers. Find out more.

If you want best in class software, training and support and to feel like more than a number with your HR software supplier…

  • Breaks down the organisational barriers hindering performance
  • Adoption and sustainability of behaviour and skill change
  • Drives and sustains elite performance
  • A blended approach to minimise training and business costs
  • Easily replicable, tailored to fit organisational priorities
  • The purchase of training modules for in-house delivery
  • Increased productivity and engagement
  • Supports the delivery of a performance culture
  • Real business application in the training workshops

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