Why is Talent Management important?

Talent analytics are now must have capabilities for HR and without Talent Management Software in place to help HR teams this is a tough ask. As the search for competitive advantage intensifies, people and performance data becomes more critical.

The concept of Talent Management was once solely associated with recruitment, but has in recent years evolved into a common and essential management practice.  It covers a broad range of areas including organisational capability, individual development, performance enhancement, workforce planning and succession planning.  The Actus Performance and Talent Management Solution has been developed in partnership with our customers to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets all of these requirements.

Talent Management programmes may include a range of activities such as formal and informal leadership coaching, networking events,  board level interaction and client exposure. Actus has been designed to track and manage all of these activities to ensure continuous follow through and adherence across all levels to any planned talent management initiatives.

Regardless of which approach organisations adopt, fairness and consistency must be applied in all talent management processes, alongside any diversity considerations or policy compliance requirements. Not  being ‘joined-up’ in the approach to talent management programmes with diversity policies and activities, can mean an organisation fails to reap the benefits of identifying and developing talent from the widest possible pool. Visible senior level support is a must.  To get the best performance from employees managers must take responsibility for identifying and developing talent in their own teams.

I think we certainly have been guilty of thinking that talent looks a particular way or behaves a particular way, ways which conveniently we can measure.  I have a really big nagging question in my head which is really, do we really understand what talent looks like, sounds like, acts like? I mean we know for example that social connectiveness is a better indicator or predictor of professional success than IQ. We know that academic success is no indicator of professional success. So when you take those things into account and you think how we hire people, we’re hiring people for a sort of identikit that could be completely wrong.

Margaret Heffernan, author, CEO and Entrepreneur gives her viewpoint on Talent Management (CIPD Look Ahead 2017)

Easy Access to ‘Talent’ Data

  • Clear easy to access management information
  • Full suite of visual  and excel reports
  • Supports strategic workforce decision making

Talent Management and Career Aspirations

  • Document career aspirations and key skills
  • Track and search for skills and attributes
  • Enable better retention and succession planning

Actus™ performance and talent management software is specifically designed to embed year round performance in your organisation.