Actus™ Performance Management Software

Actus Performance Management software is designed to reduce the ‘tickbox’ mentality, eradicate clunky paper based processes and introduce a consistent performance management approach. This results in increased employee engagement, productivity and supports the development of quality people performance processes resulting in cultural transformation.

Designed by HR Professionals , Actus Performance Management Software addresses real pain points around administering paper, spreadsheets or clunky HR Systems. In addition to the software we provide a full range of consultancy and training solutions that enable organisations to migrate to a culture of ongoing, more meaningful performance conversations. Real time reporting frees up HR resources from onerous administration tasks allowing time to deliver added value HR services to create a positive employee experience.

By using Actus Software you could potentially save up to 4 days of administration time a month!

Actus Performance Management Software is hosted in the UK cloud making it highly secure, cost effective and easy to set up. Full implementation and culture change support is provided to every client with a comprehensive range of aligned training offerings. We are continually consulting with our customers to help inform the product roadmap and newly available modules include 360 feedback and recognition with additional talent management functionality coming soon!

Objective Setting

Setting and monitoring SMART objectives that are aligned with business goals gives clarity and focus. Actus offers the facility to add, edit and review performance against objectives throughout the year

  • Ability to set and monitor organisational, team and even shared objectives
  • Align with balanced scorecard or company categories
  • Milestones and reminders encourage year round focus
  • Real time comments tracking saves time during appraisal


Any ongoing performance management process needs to be supported by aligned appraisal templates. Actus offers the facility to have one or many templates.

  • Highly configurable templates and workflow
  • Supports ‘check-ins’ and probationary reviews
  • Facility to include behavioural competencies and performance ratings
  • Replicate your existing process or use our expert consultancy to enhance it

1 to 1 Meetings

Regular 1 to 1’s are a key part of ongoing performance management, turning Actus from an appraisal system into an essential management tool

  • Ability to plan 1 to 1 agenda’s and send diary invites
  • Configurable templates to drive consistency
  • Performance conversations can be documented to provide an audit trail
  • Can be used to document team meetings and allocate actions too
one to ones

Development, Training and Qualifications

Actus enables the identification and tracking of development and training needs as well as increasing compliance by tracking and reporting on key qualifications and Continuing Professional Development

  • Supports 70:20:10 approach to development
  • Allows real time training needs analysis, enabling greater responsiveness
  • Facility to incorporate in-house training courses and certificates
  • Supports compliance by tracking key qualifications including expiry dates
  • Track and report on CPD as you go

Recognition and Feedback

Regular feedback against objectives has been shown to encourage high performance and recognition drives engagement. Actus puts feedback at the centre of the appraisal process with a range of feedback options.

  • Colleague recognition creates a cost effective feedback culture
  • Individual feedback requests provide evidence for individual performance
  • Facility to set up ad hoc or regular pulse surveys
  • 360 feedback and administration built in

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Engaged employees feel they have a future within an organisation and can be retained and motivated by feeling their aspirations are taken seriously and can be fulfilled. HR can only support this if they can see the evidence and Actus Software can provide this.

  • Ability to track and monitor career discussions
  • Fosters understanding of individual motivators
  • Gives HR visibility of talent profile
  • Supports succession planning and retention

Management Information and Reporting

Real time reporting is a key benefit of moving away from paper. Our reports can be accessed at the click of a button, freeing up HR and other key staff from administration to focus on more pressing organisational priorities.

  • Reporting on all aspects of the system
  • Ability to export, extract and manipulate reports as desired
  • Interactive graphical and bell curve reporting for moderation purposes
  • Bespoke reporting service on demand

Actus™ performance management software is specifically designed to embed year round performance in your organisation.