No more spreadsheets!

What’s the true value of an absence management system? Well most absence is genuine. However, managing absence due to sickness requires effective people management policies, which may be helped by a focus on employee well-being. Absenteeism, the causes of absence, absence monitoring and absence management, attendance and sickness are all key indicators of workforce engagement.

Employees who are allowed to sustain an excessive number of absences without any apparent penalty from management can also impact others’ performance. In these situations, other employees can see the concessions the employer is making to retain chronically absent employees, and feel they can also exploit the system.

Actus Absence Management System introduced in March 2017, provides additional support and statistics to help with changing to a continuous performance management culture. Driven by customer demand, the new absence management module enables an organisation to track employee absence, including sick leave and holiday. This simple to use module provides an effective solution to manage all absence types within the organisation.

Resource Management

Using an absence management system to plan holiday and other leave enables line managers to have clear view of available resource to help plan projects and ensure adequate cover is available at busy times. This can be essential in order to maintain performance levels.

Bradford factor scoring incorporated into the module alerts HR to sickness and absence issues. Detailed reports identify absence trends at organisation, team or individual level. Actus Absence System can accommodate part and full time working patterns and international differences such as different bank holidays. If you are tired of filling out spreadsheets, why not take a look at the Actus Absence  module?

Manage Team Absence

  • View team absence at a glance
  • Search for team members or key dates
  • Manage holiday taken and remaining
  • Approve or reject absence in real time

Team Calendar

  • Easy visibility of colleagues planned absence
  • Colour codes show different absence types
  • Can be used to plan future or monitor previous absence

Quick and Mobile Friendly

  • Simple templates allow quick requests or authorisation
  • Accessible from mobile devices

Reporting and Reminders

  • Quickly report on patterns of absence including The Bradford Factor
  • Automatic alerts notify when absence authorisation is due or overdue
  • Filter and report on patterns of absence

Individualised Working Patterns

  • Set up different working patterns to accommodate full and part time hours
  • Adjust holiday entitlement and carry forward
  • Upload key documents such as a doctor’s certification

The Bradford Factor value is built into the Absence Module report and will enable organisations to understand the extent of an individuals sick leave. A high Bradford Factor indicates that someone has had high instances of absence. It is calculated by the number of separate absences squared, multiplied by the number of days an individual has been absent.

The Actus™ Performance and Talent Management solution is specifically designed to support year round performance management and organisational development.